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  • Fancourt, the jewel of the Garden Route & a perfect staycation destination

    Henry Fancourt White was an enterprising fellow. A Yorkshire man, one time parliamentarian and highly regarded member of the George community, he was the first owner of Fancourt, a home that he built in 1859, inspired by the architecture of the Cotswolds in his native England.   Today that same property is known as The Manor […]

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  • Gregor Jenkin, turning the tables on contemporary design

    This article first appeared in The Times South Africa on Thursday 9 November 2017 Gregor Jenkin likes oros. Which is not surprising considering his affinity with the things of yesteryear. Whether it’s the Cape Colonial aesthetic, Shaker minimalism or the metallurgy of Parisian Jean Prouvé, historical furniture has long piqued his interest and his pieces that touch on heritage […]