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5 Q’S ~ Andrew Brauteseth

August 15, 2016

Cape Town is inspirational. Natural magnificence aside, it’s the creatives that inhabit the city that make it such an incredible place to live. I’ve started profiling people who make my heart beat a little faster through their unique talent and contribution to the universe of the Mother City. Let me introduce my 5 Q’s series, a focus on amazing People.

First up, Andrew Brauteseth… who has just launched his first book >

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Tell us what you do for a living?

I’m a photographer specialising in portraits, lifestyle advertising, fashion, short film, pinot noir and paragraphs. 

What is your passion – what inspires you?

I’m inspired by a sense of divine in the everyday and by artists who deliver fresh metaphors of the world. I value experiences that deliver a broadening perspective which could be found art objects, innovative design approaches or a road trip adventure. 

What is it you love about Cape Town?

Cape Town has been tremendously influential in my career as a visual artist. The sense of creative community, the coffeeshop culture and laid-back approach to life is the perfect petri dish for inspired output. The worse thing that could happen to you as a failed Cape Town artists is that you’re forced to spend the day surfing at Glen beach. 

Name a favourite travel destination & tell us why you love it?

At the moment I love Elgin and Botrivier because characters and practical farming values. Down to earth. Tilling the soil. I admire the practical farming attitudes. I love the wines coming from the region and it’s only an hour and a half from the city which means it’s perfect for mini-getaways. 

What are a few of your favourite things in life and what is your pet peeve?

To make me happy just give me a good coffee, a good conversation and a motorbike. I don’t like queues. 

Andrew is launching a book in November. It’s a local’s perspective of inner-city Cape Town, a commentary on digital culture and a ode to the biker lifestyle. 

On Social >

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