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Blow your hair back at Madame Zingara’s…

June 17, 2013

Zingara is what they say it is, a big experience, a spectacle, an extravaganza. From the olde world Spiegel mirror tent, to the milly waiters sporting the best selection of big- hair wigs I’ve seen in ages, to the MC, performers & audience, no-one is exempt from a dose of fabulous theatrical madness. Having the job I do means I’ve seen a lot of superb theatre so I’m tres critical & I can tell you that there are a few acts in the 2013 Zingara Miracle Tour show that totally blew my hair back…like the beautifully costumed & exquisite Mongolian contortionist, a delicate porcelain doll of a girl; the 2 acrobats from the same country (loved their costumes & makeup) – no question, theirs is a very unique skill set & their performance had me looking very un-diva-un-dignified with my mouth hanging open; & then the drumming duo with major volcanic energy- 2 Argentinian guys with great hair, I mean talent! Seriously, they were superb. The singers, the Specifics, were kick ass fabulous & it was so good hearing the divine Carmen Maarman again (I first worked with her on a David Kramer show some years back). And as for that classy bombshell, Cathy Specific, well she takes drag to a new level. Cathy, aka Brendan Van Rhyn, is on top of her/ his game & Cathy is a slick act, outstandingly costumed, beautifully groomed & of course those legs just go on for years. Last night was Brendan’s last show after 2.5 years…he now embarks on a new journey, as Frank N Furter in Richard O’Brien’s The Rocky Horror Show, starting at the Fugard Theatre next month. Apologies re the poor quality of the pics…the lighting was dim, obvs…..



I finally got to taste the chocolate chili steak…

Cathy Specific herself….


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