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Fab accommodation: Milky Bay Resort, Koh Phangan

April 1, 2013

I’m very attached to this resort on Ban Tai beach, Koh Phangan. Mostly I love the staff – Win, Yu, Joy, Yai…happy people who always make our stay so amazing with their humour, kindness & gracious ways.
The resort itself is designed as an open space – the restaurant, bar areas, outdoor kitchen etc. The first thing you see when arriving at Milky Bay is the cool (literally) bamboo pathway, that gives such a fab feeling when walking through it. And we love the wood shavings on the ground…a great touch.
The Thai massage…ahhhhhhhh…at Milky Bay the masseuses are excellent so book a session at the resort as opposed to going to a parlour on the street – they tend to be a bit too grubby for my liking & the ‘therapists’ are not always trained.
The best rooms to book at Milky Bay are the villas so go for those…a dash of luxury goes a long way when you’re on vacation.
The hotel pool is fabulous & overlooks Ban Tai beach. Grab a lounger early in the day & loaf about, read a mag, sip on a coconut shake & dabble in the fine fare- try the bruschetta blue for lunch: toasted & topped with spinach marinated in garlic, olive oil & lemon with a hint of blue cheese. You can have barbecued prawns from 5pm, & really great pizza…no surprises re the Italian offering on the menu as Chris Zanasi, ex Primi Piatti, has had a hand in it all…if you see him, say hi from Diva & co….he is a legend!

The bamboo pathway….

The massage room, behind the beaded curtain…

The dining area…

Cocktail hour outside the second bar…

The reception area….

Magnificent sunsets….


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