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Tiger’s Milk on Kloof Street

November 12, 2017

Can we please just talk about the bread and butter pudding at the new Tiger’s Milk on Kloof? It’s not often I start a review with a dessert dissection but in this case, I feel this particular carb deserves applause. All that oozy bread embedded with raisins and smothered in a salted caramel sauce (weakness #1) and a custardy crème anglais (weakness #2) was just divine!

Tiger’s Milk on the corner of Kloof and Rheede in Gardens is the fourth one in Cape Town, after the Long Street, Century City and Claremont branches, and it’s the latest in the ever expanding slew of restaurants under the Harbour House Group brand.   This is “dude food” – as market savvy restaurateur Mike Townsend likes to put it – at its best, changed up and redefined, and it is GOOD. The menu is unfussy – pizza, steaks, burgers, salads, sides and desserts – stylishly presented and served on wooden boards.

Cocktails are quirky, like the apricot and bacon Old Fashioned, the thyme and mango margherita and Aperol Spritz, my new summer fave since my trip to Bellagio in June.

And the service is excellent (thank you Paul). I’ve been to Tiger’s Milk a few times and it’s been a consistently good experience, which is quite something considering the size of the venue. The managers run a tight ship and the waiters are on the A game.

Tiger’s Milk on Kloof Street is open Monday to Sunday from 12:00 until late, for lunch and dinner. Book through 021 2862209*


The Caesar Salad – layers of crunchy cos lettuce, garlic croutons, softly boiled eggs, percorino shavings, and a sprinkling of parmesan, finished off with an anchovy dressing.


The wine list is great as well (thanks Bianca Lee Coleman for the pose)


The venue is huge with a fabulous spacious outdoor area that is wheelchair friendly (bonus!)


The interior is stylish, with checked floor tiles, a well designed bar, old pictures on the walls and the signature bulls head that is synonymous with Tiger’s Milk and La Parada

Aperol Spritz people

Until next time,

  Until next time,

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Zanele November 13, 2017 - 3:14 pm

Here goes…
2 weeks ago a friend of mine and I decided to stop at Tyger’s Milk in Kloof Str for some drinks after our dinner up the road at Hudson’s. The weather was great, the mood was nice and we were assisted by a friendly waiter named James.
So we spend the first part of our evening with a lovely couple Dylan and Daniel, we soon get to learn that Dylan works at the Claremont branch and she recommends that we order from the happy hr specials…Sweet girl. We chit chat and then they leave. We settle down to discuss some work and order our second round of drinks (happy hour Sauvignon Blanc special)… Still a great evening…
4 white gentlemen sitting next to us start up a conversation about doing business in Africa and South African politics. This gets my attention and next thing I know they ask us to join them to discuss politics and everyone is in great spirits. 3rd round of drinks is ordered…Then the guys start to leave… My friend I hang around to finish up our drinks…
#side note…So at this point I’m chatting with a friend on Whatsapp, talking about how packed the place is and I snap a few pics of the surroundings. 2 minutes later the waiter (James) comes to ask that I delete the picture of the table next to us because the other patrons aren’t too happy about it. I oblige and apologise to him. I get up to go the table and apologise to the lady who’d made the complaint…She’s cool. NIYAYIVA?
Right…Now we are getting ready to go home, call for the bill and I take my phone out to book an Uber…Snap! My app is down in true Uber fashion… No problem we’ll ask the security to get us a cab or something… We’re outside we chat with the 2 bouncers by the gate and we ask them to get us a cab… 1st cab comes but my friend wants one last smoke before we leave. So the cab leaves. She gets a smoke and one of the bouncers offers her a lighter and it’s all good…
I don’t know what I was doing at this point but I suddenly hear this Afrikaaner accent right in front of me. I look up and the next thing out of this bouncer’s mouth are the words “DO YOU WANT ME TO SPRAY YOU?!” I don’t know what he said before that but I remember those words… Now I’m confused and I’m like “HUH?” and the next thing I know this guy empties a can of pepper spray into my face…
Now I’m on the ground, cursing, screaming and crying. I’m on my knees, I can’t see shit and all I know is it feels like my face is on fire. I recognise one of the other bouncer’s voices as he calls for water. Afrikaaner dude is rambling some shit about “WHY DID YOU HAVE TO MAKE THIS A RACE ISSUE?” At this point Afrikaaner dude is going for my friend and he gets her in one eye. One of the other bouncers we were chatting with puts water on my face and at this point I am bawling, trying to claw my eyes out and I am livid! I feel around on the ground pick up some pebbles and start throwing them in the direction of Afrikaaner dude’s voice… Then someone calls the cops. While all this is happening someone says we have this on our surveillance cameras and we’re like “GREAT! Please save the footage”…
Police arrive, they try to talk to me but I won’t have it, then one of them says “we have to get you guys out of HERE it’s not safe, even if I have to use cuffs on you sisi” (which he does)…We get to the police station, I’ve somewhat calmed down and they walk us out to call us a cab…
I wake up the next day, my face is all swollen, can’t see shit and the pepper spray had also made its way into my throat…Dr says I had a hectic allergic reaction… Of course I head to the police station because I want answers… The detective takes my statement and we drive to TIGER’S MILK in KLOOF. We ask for the manager and explain the situation to the bouncer on duty who already knew who the Afrikaaner dude is before we’d even finished our story. A waiter who happened to nearby tells us he saw everything and he helps us find the manager and along comes DERON SEAGREEN…Whose first words to the police officer are “IS IT JUST ME AND YOU OR ARE THEY COMING TOO?” the police officer looks at us and asks that we grab a seat…I walk past DERON SEAGREEN and he says to ME: “PLEASE GET OFF MY ESTABLISHMENT” and then says to the police “IF I SEE THEM ON MY ESTABLISHMENT AGAIN – I WILL SPRAY THEM MYSELF”.
Apparently, he has no idea who the bouncers on duty were that night. Nobody knows 😀 It’s a “private security company” and NO he does not have access to the surveillance the police officer was asking for…
TWO WEEKS later- after several calls and visits by the police to TIGER’S MILK IN KLOOF, there is still no name or contact details of the bouncer or his company, there is no footage and TIGER’S MILK in KLOOF has remained mum…
It is far from over boys and girls but my advice to you is if you are a black person thinking of visiting TIGER’S MILK in KLOOF stay the fuck away!!!
Your money may be good enough for them but your black skin isn’t. (NOW I’ve made it about colour)…

capetowndiva November 30, 2017 - 8:51 pm

Hello-I have just seen thus and it is awful- what a dreadful experience. I’m not sure though are you telling me the story? I don’t work for Tiger’s Milk? I’m a lifestyle writer and food reviewer.


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