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Two Cats, Asleep Close By…

January 3, 2013

Petite (left) went missing briefly day before yesterday. I thought she was gone for good as she has never disappeared or so long, nor overnight. Now however, we think she has found a second set of ‘owners’ as she has taken to sleeping out. Some cats do this apparently. My thinking is that she really hates the new kitten Felix- she has zero tolerance which is now even worse since she returned from her wanderings. She hisses, spits & growls if she so much as hears Felix coming…it’s becoming totally unpleasant. He generally makes a wide berth to get past Her Majesty. This evening I went up close to her & spoke to her as if she was a People. I told her this grouchiness has to end…that while Felix can be annoying, he is just a baby & she has to get over her bitch behaviour ASAP. She made funny little noises back at me. I must’ve looked like a twit having that convo. Maybe she understood. Anyway, at least I have some peace as they sleep on my bed tonight, quite close to each other as you can see. A little respite for the moment. I’ll live in hope that it will last.


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